Friday, December 30, 2016

Thank you notes to close out 2016

"We should examine most closely the things we hold to be most dear" ~René Descartes 

After taking the time to reflect on all that has taken place this year, I decided to write out thank you's to my husband and girls...simply for being them.  I welcome you to adopt this idea and put it into play for those you hold near & dear to your heart.  

       As we close out the 2016 year, I wanted to take time to thank and acknowledge those I cherish and treasure and guess what?! made that list! ;)
      I love and adore you to pieces!  When I reflect on the various components of life, specifically those I'm grateful for, you're at the very top.  This year has been a doozy!! Packing up our first home, selling it, moving into temporary housing, paperwork, more paperwork, faxing that paperwork and digging for even more financial statements & faxing those as well!  I'm pretty sure 2016 was our largest carbon footprint, ever!  Haha.  I love how you and I are adaptable and can try to make the best out of every situation that is tossed our way. Not many couples are able to go through a storm and come out on the other side with an even stronger bond than they had before entering. We're a united & unstoppable force!  I'm incredibly grateful to have you by my side on this crazy journey called life/parent hood.
     You're the epitome of unconditional love. You keep your head up through every curve and turn. You've been able to take this woman's guarded heart and stubborn love and helped support her transformation towards her higher self, stronger being and a true goddess!  Thank you for loving me, supporting me, nurturing me, adoring me, and most importantly, believing in me.
    I'm super excited to see what's in store for our family, and those near & dear to us, in 2017. 
"Where you are, is where I want to be"~dmb

Dear Hannah,  
  As we draw 2016 to a close,  I want you to know it's been amazingly wonderful to be your mom.   It's been an absolute pleasure to help you grow, develop, and evolve this year. You're becoming so mature and showing off your big girl skills more and more with each passing day. Your mind & thought process are astounding  and the way you process your world is absolutely delightful.  You bring so much joy to our family and many, many others!!  When you speak, people listen!!  And when people giggle at your words it's because what you said brings their heart so much happiness that it overflows and causes genuine laughter!  This is an  amazing ability you have, mommy & daddy treasure it, and I hope you have it forever!!   
     I love how patient you are with your sister and take time to explain things to her, even when she doesn't want to listen:). I am so grateful for your loyalty to her. When we are on outings as a family, people often proudly boast how patient you are with Natalie. This is another talent of yours I treasure. 
    Thank you for being a part of our family!  Thank you for choosing ME to be your mom! I love you. 

     As we close the 2016 year I want you to know how grateful I am to have you in my life.  You came into this world grabbing the attention of many people...and you've literally not stopped!  Whether it's strangers we pass in the grocery store who are mesmerized by your bright blue eyes & social skills (aka, your silly. sassy mouth) or the multitude of doctors you see on a regular basis who have their socks knocked off by your ability to overcome an obstacle they feel will be a challenge for you.  You've drawn a crowd near and far and you certainly keep every individual, around you, on their toes!  This year has proved to be a remarkable one for you, especially in the department of patience and perseverance, as well as our ability to become even more attuned with one another.  It's such a pleasure to be your mommy.  Thank you for choosing's an honor! 
     I adore the fact you're changing the world one smile at a time!  Stay fierce little love! 

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